Protocol Issues in Providing 64 kbps SATCOM Links

Defence Research Agency, DRA Defford.

This project built upon earlier work analysing the performance of packet data links for military satellite networks. Previous work had primarilly considered data rates less than 64 kbps, this study extended the work to cover transmission at or above 64 kbps. Such factors as design of EPM modems were considered, together with the configuration requirements for the X.25 and TCP/IP protocols.

The work also assessed the need for a super-extended HDLC link window size, and implemented such a scheme within a simulation environment. The architecture of equipment needed to perform protocol conversion/enhancement was considered. The concepts developed could be used within an enhancer as depicted below which shows two users (u1, u2) using a pair of protocol enhancers (e1 and e2) inserted between the terrestrial network interface (n1 and n2) and the SATCOM terminal.


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