Revising Congestion Window Validation (CWV) in Standard TCP

NewCWV proposes an update to RFC 5681 to address issues that arise when TCP is used to support traffic that exhibits periods where the sending rate is limited by the application rather than the congestion window. It provides an experimental update to TCP that allows a TCP sender to restart quickly following either a rate-limited interval. This method is expected to benefit applications that send rate-limited traffic using TCP, while also providing an appropriate response if congestion is experienced. This is a current work item of the IETF TCPM working group.

The new-CWV specification:

Support for new-CWV In Linux kernel:

Support for new-CWV In FreeBSD kernel:

Analysing application usage and behaviour of RFC2861 CWV:

new-CWV background:

Analysing application usage and behaviour of newCWV:

Documents and notes:

Some documents are archived in this directory: new-cwv files.