Amazonas Satellite (Amheris)


Amazonas is operated by Hispasat. The satellite carries the Amheris on board switching payload. This is the first operational regenerative, onboard processing, satellite switching system in the World. Its introduction paves the way for the emergence of a new generation of satellite systems that will further enhance the claim that satellite communication is one of the most important applications of space technology.

AmerHis is an advanced communications system, based around the Alcatel 9343 DVB On-Board Processor, carried by Hispasatís Amazonas satellite. This processor has the capacity to provide the demodulation, decoding, switching, encoding and modulation for the four transponders on Amazonas. Each Ku-band transponder covers one of the four geographical regions served by the satellite: Europe, Brazil, and North and South America.


Aberdeen University's Amheris terminal is receive-only, since the University lies outside the uplink beam. The location of the satellite above the Atlantic means the terminal points to the East, just over the horizon!

Aberdeen maintains a close working relationship with Thales Espania, Madrid, responsible for the Amheris system and its successors.

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