Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is a connection-oriented reliable protocol. It provides a reliable transport service between pairs of processes executing on End Systems (ES) using the network layer service provided by the IP protocol.

TCP providing reliable data transfer to FTP over an IP network using Ethernet

TCP is stream oriented, that is, TCP protocol entities exchange streams of data. Individual bytes of data (e.g. from an application or session layer protocol) are placed in memory buffers and transmitted by TCP in transport Protocol Data Units (for TCP these are usually known as "segments"). The reliabel, flow-controlled TCP service is much more complex than UDP, which only provides a Best Effort service. To implement the service, TCP uses a number of protocol timers that ensure reliable and synchronised communication between the two End Systems.

For most networks approximately 90% of current traffic uses this transport service. It is used by such applications as telnet, World Wide Web (WWW), ftp, electronic mail. The transport header contains a Service Access Point which indicates the protocol which is being used (e.g. 23 = Telnet; 25 = Mail; 69 = TFTP; 80 = WWW (http)). The port numbers associated with these services generally have the same value as those used for UDP services (a full list of all port numbers is provided in the reference at the end of this page).

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