EG 3567 Multiple Choice Questions

These World Wide Web (WWW) pages present a series of 10 questions on the material covered by the lectures of the course on digital communications engineering. Each question has five answers, only one of which is correct. Click the mouse over the answer you think is correct. If you were right, a screen appears with an explanation of the answer is given, and you are given the chance of answering the next question. If you were not correct in your selection, a screen will appear informing you that you were incorrect and suggesting you try again.

The purpose of these questions is for you to check your understanding of the subject and to provide additional explanations of key points to supplement the lectures and personel reading. No record is kept of your progress through the questions and each student may complete the questions as many times as they desire. All students are expected to complete the set of questions at least once.

Click on either of the two sets of questions below:


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