Communications Engineering I

Course Lead: Gorry Fairhurst

The Communications Engineering I course is all about serial communications for control applications. This provides an overview of serial communications techniques, with an analysis of waveforms and systems emphasising the role of point-to-multipoint communication. A related Communications Engineering II course explores local area networks and the Internet.


To present skills the fundamentals of serial communications to control real-world devices.  To gain an understanding of techniques for serial data transmission using asynchronous and synchronous transmission. To become familiar with the operation of key protocols (e.g. DMX-512, RDM, CAN).  To be introduced to micro-controller-based design of equipment and control using control bus interfaces and related software algorithms.


The course comprises:

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Course Roadmap

There is a course roadmap helping you to navigate through the topics on this web site.

Prof. Gorry Fairhurst, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, Scotland. (2020)