Cable Pinouts

This page contains wiring diagrams for various cables used in the labs.

Bulgin Connector

This 8 way connector connects 4 circuits (L1-L4). There is one earth and two shared neutral/return circuits (N). The total loading must not exceed 12A with no more than 6A per circuit.

Part numbers PX0957/PX0552 (solder outlet), PX0551 (inlet cable plug), PX0959 (solder inlet plug)

This type of connector is widely used in the entertainment industry.

This is the socket wiring configuration we use:

1 (Centre) Earth
2 L1
3 L2
4 L3
5 L4
6 N/C
7 N - Common with 8
8 N - Common with 7


This type of connector is notorious for being used with two common wiring configurations (another common configuration uses pins 2 and 3 as neutral!). Be careful!

They can also be rather tricky to apply to cable ends, because they often have a very compact housing.

Some older uses of this cable used the same sex of connector at both ends - leaving an exposed mains contact when not connected, this configuration is strongly discouraged. My advice is do not use other people's cables before you have thoroughly checked both ends of the cable!

9-Pin D-Type Connector

This connector is used in the teaching lab to connect equipment to DMX Receivers.

It uses a 9-pin D Connector at TTL levels with 8 outputs, and a common ground.

Dimmer 1



Dimmer 2



Dimmer 3



Dimmer 4



Output 5



Output 6



Output 7



Output 8



Connector pin 9 is a common signal ground.

Prof. Gorry Fairhurst, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, Scotland. (2013)