The GEOCAST project is a part of the EC IST programme, and will investigate technical issues associated with providing multicast support as a part of the the next generation of Internet Service.

Satellites are ideally suited to multicast, but to reach wide area coverage will require next generation satellite systems. The objectives are then to define next generation multicast satellite systems, demonstrate their feasibility and optimise their performance thanks to an emulator realisation, and validate their performance thanks to live experiments, which can only bring the best practise experience necessary for a wide adoption by operators.

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Research at Aberdeen University

The Electronics Research Group (ERG) in the Department of Engineering at the University of Aberdeen is actively involved in research into the design and behaviour of multicast transport protocols. This work has been conducted in collaboration with various industrial and academic partners. Funding has been provided by the European Commission, European Space Agency, Defence Research Agency, and Joint Information Systems Committee. The key activities have included: research into new techniques, specification of new protocols, benchmarking of commercial products and contributions to the establishment of best common practice as a part of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards activity.

Further information about research activities in ERG is also available from either the Electronics Research Group WWW server ( or Dr G Fairhurst

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