Local Roadmap for Communications Engineering I

The course is organised as a series of modules.

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1 Asynchronous Serial Communications
1.1 Asynchronous Character Transmission
1.2 The UART
1.3 EIA-232
Lab A: EIA-232
Interactive Session: EIA-232
2.0 Communications Links
2.1 Asynchonous Frames
2.2 NMEA GPS Frames
2.3 Transmission Theory
Lab 1
Interactive Session: Communications Links
3.0 EIA-485 See p68-69 of DMX512 Recommendations
3.1 [SD] Differential Trsmission
3.2 [SD] EIA-485 Cable Bus
Lab B: EIA-485
Interactive Session: EIA-485
4.0 DMX 512
4.1 [SD] DMX 512 Overview
4.2 [SD] DMX Bus Termination
4.3 [SD] Bus Transceivers
Interactive Session: Cable Bus
5.0 DMX 512 Frames
5.1 [SD] Frames Start; Break; MAB
5.2 [SD] Addressing and the Base Address
5.3 [SD] DMX Receiver Hardware
Interactive Session: Frames
5.4 [SD] DMX Receiver Software
5.5 [SD] Digital Control

Lab C : DMX

Interactive Session: DMX Receiver Software

DMX 512 Control

6.1 [SD] Controlling Power
6.2 [SD] Controller System Architecture
6.3 [SD] Using Multiple Slots
6.4 [SD] LEDs and Colour
6.5 [SD] Start Codes
  • Lab C,D : No Practical Lab in 2021

    Interactive Session: Control
    7.0 Control Networks
    7.1 [SD] Repeaters
    7.2 [SD] DMX Over Ethernet
    8.0 RDM Control
    8.1 RDM Physical Layer
    Link Layer
    Controlling Devices via RDM
    Interactive Session: ArtNet and RDM
    9.0 CAN Bus
    9.1 CAN Physical Layer
    9.2 CAN Arbitration
    Interactive Session: CAN
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    0 Introduction
    0.1 [SD] Scopes Short Videos:

    Prof. Gorry Fairhurst, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, Scotland. 2021