All Events in 2014

SIRA Streams at the Axe Forming Event at SSW

The first SIRA Streams recording from SSW in their Turf to Tools project, covering forming a Ceremonial Axe.

SIRA Streams at EMF Camp

At the end of August we attended the UK's largest tech gathering at a site in Bletchley, Electro Magnetic Field.

SIRA Streams at the Tin Hut

The SIRA STREAMS streaming platform can enable events, e.g., at the Tin Hut to stream live or pre-recorded music events to remote audiences using satellite broadband. Video from Open Mic sessions at the Tin Hut was used in our early research at the University of Aberdeen.

Out of the Earth: streaming 'Turf to Tools'

6:45 pm Thursday 20th November, Lecture Theatre FN2, Fraser Noble Building, Bedford Road, University of Aberdeen, AB24 3UE.

A public presentation of our experiences with the Turf to Tools project. Thisis open to all event was about an final iron age smelt conducted by Darrell Markewitz and the team at the SSW in August 2014. The event showed the entire smelt process from heating the forge to final extraction. Darrell joined remotely from Canada to answer questions together with local speakers from the Scottish Sculpture Workshop.

There are photos from the Iron Smelt and a video of the event.

The research described here is supported by the award made by the RCUK Digital Economy programme to the dot.rural Digital Economy Hub; award reference: EP/G066051/1.